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Walt Disney World’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” – More Vintage Photos, Plus A Look Back At “The Hercules Electrical Parade” in NYC

Hi everyone!

There has been continued interest in my vintage Main Street Electrical Parade Photos, and I’ve found more images that I will be sharing with you today! I hope you enjoy these photos taken either by myself or my father, Walter Lange – a Disney fan who shared the love of the parks with his family and got me started on all this.

wdw01b msep0044

Florida’s Main Street Electrical Parade opening unit (above left) announces the parade. “WDW’s 15th Float” (above right and below) was a special float to honor Walt Disney World’s 15th Anniversary. That float was only used for one season!

msep0045 msep0046cc

Note the one dimensional design of these early floats (above right).

msep0032 msep0020b

The elusive “Pinocchio Underwater Unit” featured Monstro the whale (above left). A mystery (to me) has been resolved as many readers have identified the cars as from The Fox and the Hound – “Widow Tweed’s Car” (above right).

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Photo Memories: Remembering Disney's Pirate & Princess Party

Hi everyone!

My photo memory update includes a variety of images from all three versions of the Pirate & Princess Parties! This was a great event that was recently canceled. I attended the original incarnation in the winter of 2007, followed by the summer 2007 version as well as the final (for now) incarnation last winter 2008!


Pirate Mickey (above) advertising the party outside the Magic Kingdom entrance.


The Train Station is decorated for the party as we enter via a smoke filled magic carpet!

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Bonus Video: Contemporary Resort Bay Lake Tower, Stitch's Supersonic Celebration / Galaxy Theater Demolition

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update today with some exclusive new video from site partner MouseSteps.

Bonus Video #1: Contemporary Resort Bay Lake Tower from boat!

The water was extremely choppy on this day (and it was windy, making the camera hard to hold), but the interesting part of this video is the ferry boat (in an area one wouldn’t usually see it).

Bonus Video #2: Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration / Galaxy Theater Demolition!

This video shows construction on Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration, as well as a wall being built at the former Galaxy Theater at the Magic Kingdom.

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magic-kingdom-parade-classics-copyJeff Lange’s Magic Kingdom Parade Classics

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Running Time: 61 Min

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Epcot’s “Horizons” closed forever on January 9th, 1999. This updated 3-Disc Set pays tribute to the beloved Future World attraction and it’s replacement “Mission Space”!

Total Running Time (3-Discs): 190 Min

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February Recap Part 2: Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party! – More Photos and Video, Treehouse Villas Construction and More

Hi everyone!

I’ve got more photos and videos of the great new Magic Kingdom parade, Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party!

img_5601 img_5580

This is a very colorful and photogenic parade, especially with the Cinderella Castle as a backdrop!

img_5562 img_5652

It is really fun to get out into the street and interact with the dancers and characters. I recorded this 5 times during my visit and wish I had a chance to get into the street and enjoy it fully! I plan to do just that on my next trip.

img_5654 img_5676

It is also great to see more obscure park characters, like Sebastian the Crab and the Mad Hatter! Currently “Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party!” happens at 11:00, 12:30 & 5:45pm.

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February WDW Recap: Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party, American Idol Experience Premiere Event, 51st Daytona 500

Hi everyone!

I have just returned from a very busy and productive trip to the home of the Mouse. I covered the American Idol Experience Premiere Event, took in the “Celebrate A Dream Come True” parade, plus the all-new “Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!” Street Party and attended the Daytona 500!

Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party!:

This all-new high energy parade/street party debuted on February 12th and I attended four showings throughout the week. (below the lead float with Mickey and Minnie Mouse plus the Emcee!

wdw-dp-set-2-0051 wdw-dp-set-2-509

This really surpassed my expectations as I was highly impressed with just how good it is!

wdw-dp-set-2-008 wdw-dp-set-2-061

I really like the music and thought it was all-new for the Street Party until being informed it is a reworked Hannah Montana song titled “Pumpin’ up the party”! I must me getting old.

wdw-dp-set-2-534 wdw-dp-set-2-4812

There are stilt walkers and high energy dancers plus five colorful floats themed as giant gifts. After the opening number the gifts are opened to reveal “The Genie”, “Mad Hatter”, “Lumiere” and “Sebastian the Crab”!

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Photo Update: Pleasure Island – "Characters In Flight", "Street Foods of the Americas", Contemporary Resort

Hi everyone!

I have recently released Volume 1 in a series of Walt Disney World Parade DVDs. The first volume is called Magic Kingdom Parade Classics (if you enjoyed past parades like “Mickey Mania” and the “Remember the Magic Parade”, then check below for more details or to order!)

Here are some more photos from around Walt Disney World, taken by Denise at Mousesteps!  She is still experiencing site update problems and wanted to get these great timely shots posted. Below are her photos and words:


(Above) A sign  for the “Characters in Flight” balloon attraction at Downtown Disney.   I was able to see the Disneyland Paris version in person  a couple of years back.


For some interesting history of the Disneyland Paris version of the upcoming attraction, please click HERE.

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Something New to Celebrate! 'it’s a small world' Returns to Disneyland With New Magic

05 February 2009A beloved Disneyland attraction returns to Fantasyland on Friday, Feb. 6, when “it’s a small world” opens with some new storytelling magic. With the premiere of a new “Spirit of America” scene, new musical enhancements, and a new look for some of the attraction’s familiar child dolls, “it’s a small world” will once again take guests of all ages on “the happiest cruise that ever sailed.”

(all photos copyright Disney)

2_03_dl_9001_lowres1 1_09_dl_03451_lowres

This classic attraction has been renovated and enhanced while retaining the world-renowned charm that holds such a special place in the hearts of Disneyland guests. The “it’s a small world” journey continues to celebrate children of the world and their message of harmony and friendship. And now, for the first time, guests will be able to find some of the child dolls dressed as their favorite Disney characters, in the countries where their stories take place. For example, dolls dressed in Aladdin and Jasmine costumes play in the Middle East scene, and a doll dressed as Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” appears in the Great Britain scene.
1_09_dl_03193_lowres 1_09_dl_02696_lowres
Guests will enjoy riding “it’s a small world” again and again as they search for the 29 Disney and Disney•Pixar characters now represented in the attraction. Some appear as child dolls and some are playful-looking toys, such as the White Rabbit who accompanies Alice. The new doll costumes and toys are fashioned in the same artistic style that has made “it’s a small world” an icon around the globe. That style was created by art director, color stylist and Disney Legend Mary Blair, whose sense of design shaped “it’s a small world” from the very beginning.
1_09_dl_03602_lowres2 1_09_dl_03489_lowres 1_09_dl_03126_lowres
“We know that many people have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to relive their ‘it’s a small world’ memories and to create new ones with children, grandchildren and friends,” said Disney Imagineer art director Kim Irvine. “It’s a pleasure to once again offer this beloved attraction to Disneyland guests, now with some special Disney enhancements.”
1_09_dl_02823_lowres 1_09_dl_02809_lowres
Among the enhancements is a new “Spirit of America” scene based on original concept art by Disney Legend Mary Blair, in keeping with the “it’s a small world” theme that friendship crosses all nations, including the United States.
Child dolls that are costumed as stylized representations of their favorite Disney characters can be spotted in several scenes.

  • The children in many “it’s a small world” scenes will have a variety of new stylized toys to play with, inspired by Disney and Disney•Pixar characters: Woody and Jessie for “Spirit of America,” a Mushu dragon kite for China, “The Three Caballeros” marionettes for Latin America, and others.
  • Additional fresh touches will be heard in the augmented “it’s a small world” soundtrack. The renowned “it’s a small world” song, written by Academy Award®-winning composers Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman (“Mary Poppins“), will still play throughout the attraction. Now, however, some subtle film music is woven into the song as counterpoint melodies, fitting the characters and scenes.
  • All of the boats in “it’s a small world” are new and designed to evoke the look and feel of boats that children of the world might play with anywhere.

1_09_dl_02409_lowres 1_09_dl_02115_lowres
See “it’s a small world” with the “Southern California 2fer Ticket”*

Southern California residents, many of whom have grown up with “it’s a small world” and taken their own children on the voyage, have a special value opportunity to enjoy the enhanced attraction as Disneyland Resort asks “What Will you Celebrate?” The “Southern California 2fer Ticket,” which can be purchased now through June 3 for the price of a one-day one-park ticket ($69 for age 10 and up; $59 for age 3-9), lets guests experience Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure on one day, and then come back on another day to play at the other park for free. For information, visit www.disneyland.com or call (714) 781-7290.

Disneyland Resort features two spectacular theme parks – Disneyland (the original Disney theme park) and Disney’s California Adventure park – plus the downtown Disney District composed of unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. The Resort’s three guest-welcoming hotels are the luxurious 745-room Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, the magical 988-room Disneyland Hotel and the “day-at-the-beach” fun of the 489-room Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. For further information on attractions, events and vacations at Disneyland Resort, visit www.disneyland.com, call (866) 60-DISNEY or contact local travel agents.