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Walt Disney World’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” – More Vintage Photos, Plus A Look Back At “The Hercules Electrical Parade” in NYC

Hi everyone!

There has been continued interest in my vintage Main Street Electrical Parade Photos, and I’ve found more images that I will be sharing with you today! I hope you enjoy these photos taken either by myself or my father, Walter Lange – a Disney fan who shared the love of the parks with his family and got me started on all this.

wdw01b msep0044

Florida’s Main Street Electrical Parade opening unit (above left) announces the parade. “WDW’s 15th Float” (above right and below) was a special float to honor Walt Disney World’s 15th Anniversary. That float was only used for one season!

msep0045 msep0046cc

Note the one dimensional design of these early floats (above right).

msep0032 msep0020b

The elusive “Pinocchio Underwater Unit” featured Monstro the whale (above left). A mystery (to me) has been resolved as many readers have identified the cars as from The Fox and the Hound – “Widow Tweed’s Car” (above right).

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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers: The Hercules Electrical Parade (Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade) in New York City

hercules_electrical_parade_copyJeff Lange takes you back to June 14th, 1997 on 42nd St & 7th Ave, in New York City. To help celebrate the world premier of Hercules the Movie, The Walt Disney company brought in the recently retired Main Street Electrical Parade from Disneyland and transformed it into The Hercules Electrical Parade.

Now you have the rare opportunity to see this one time only extravaganza make it’s way thru Times Square. All the classic floats are here with the addition of the special Hercules units and fanfare. You have never seen the Parade like this!

Also included in this very special DVD is the complete Main Street Electrical Parade. This performance was recorded in 1999 during it’s short return engagement at The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This was a unique period for the parade as it incorporated some elements of Spectromagic.

Relive these rare Disney nighttime memories year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing a copy of “Jeff Lange Remembers: The Hercules Electrical Parade in New York City”.

Running Time: 43 min

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