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Magic Kingdom Update: Fantasyland Forest Latest Construction Progress – Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Yesterday we visited the Magic Kingdom to check on the progress in Fantasyland. Trees have been taken down behind the wall, and the area is being prepped for the upcoming Fantasyland Forest construction (below left and right).

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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange’s Celebrate Disneyland 2009

Disneyland Celebrate 2009Join Jeff Lange as he brings the magic of Disneyland into your home with “Jeff Lange’s Celebrate Disneyland 2009”!

Welcome to Disneyland

The Disneyland Band welcomes you to the Happiest Place on Earth! Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds as you enter into Disneyland Park.

it’s a small world

“The Happiest Cruise that ever Sailed Round the World” added some “character” to this original E-Ticket attraction in 2009. Glide past familiar scenes as you look for the new additions to this ride, including Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid and more! You’ll also enjoy full coverage of the attraction exterior, highlighted by the 30 foot chiming glockenspiel! Dolls representing cultures around the world emerge from the tower on the quarter hour, and the entire presentation is here.

Celebrate! A Street Party

Mickey and Minnie join a multitude of Disney characters, along with colorfully dressed dancers and stilt walkers as they “Celebrate You!” This high-energy parade makes an interactive show stop that allows you to join in the fun!

Magical Fireworks

“Magical” debuted for the summer of 2009, featuring a dazzling array of pyrotechnics. Tinker Bell kicks off the show in high-flying splendor!  True to the “Magical” name, the fireworks segments include: “The Magic of Childhood”, “The Magic of a Wish”, “The Magic of Imagination”  and “The Magic of Love’s First Kiss”. The most anticipated segment of the show is titled “The Magic of a Mothers Love”, featuring Dumbo in an emotional sequence showcasing his first flight.

Disney’s Electrical Parade

Illuminated with a half million twinkling lights, this most beloved of Disney’s parades is now led by Tinker Bell on her all-new float! In addition, Disney has also breathed life into two former favorites – the Pinocchio Pleasure Island float, as well as the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs glistening diamond mine. Disney’s Electrical Parade has never glowed more brightly!

Relive these special Disneyland memories year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing a copy of “Jeff Lange’s Celebrate Disneyland 2009”!

Running Time: 70 Min

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Walt Disney World’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” – More Vintage Photos, Plus A Look Back At “The Hercules Electrical Parade” in NYC

Hi everyone!

There has been continued interest in my vintage Main Street Electrical Parade Photos, and I’ve found more images that I will be sharing with you today! I hope you enjoy these photos taken either by myself or my father, Walter Lange – a Disney fan who shared the love of the parks with his family and got me started on all this.

wdw01b msep0044

Florida’s Main Street Electrical Parade opening unit (above left) announces the parade. “WDW’s 15th Float” (above right and below) was a special float to honor Walt Disney World’s 15th Anniversary. That float was only used for one season!

msep0045 msep0046cc

Note the one dimensional design of these early floats (above right).

msep0032 msep0020b

The elusive “Pinocchio Underwater Unit” featured Monstro the whale (above left). A mystery (to me) has been resolved as many readers have identified the cars as from The Fox and the Hound – “Widow Tweed’s Car” (above right).

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Buy It Now – Jeff Lange Presents Disneyland Class of 1955.

Jeff Lange Presents Disneyland Class of 1955.

14 August 2007

Jeff Lange Presents Disneyland Class of 1955 Released Today.

To purchase this new JeffLangeDVD title, see below or click This LINK.

Windsor, Conn. (August 14th, 2007) -Today, JeffLangeDVD have released their latest theme park title, Jeff Lange Presents Disneyland Class of 1955.

Jeff Lange brings you a new series of DVDs featuring special years at the theme parks. This first volume features Walt
Disney’s original vision of Disneyland in 1955 (it’s opening year). All the attractions that are still in operation are presented as they exist today.

Disneyland Class of 1955 contains the following complete attractions:

Main Street USA

Horse Drawn Surreys


Jungle Cruise


Mark Twain Riverboat


Canal Boats of the World (Storybook Land)

King Arthur Carrousel

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride*

Peter Pan’s Flight*

Mad Tea Party

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Snow White’s Adventurers*

Dumbo the Flying Elephant



Disneyland Park

Disneyland Railroad

Experience the excitement and charm of these classic attractions that still capture our imaginations after over fifty years of operation with ‘Jeff Lange Presents Disneyland Class of 1955‘.

* Dark rides recorded with advanced low light video technology.

Running Time: 75 Min

For more details on purchasing this title, see below or click HERE.

For more information on this or other titles please contact jeff@jefflangedvd.com or visit JeffLangeDVD.