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Praise from the Epcot Center Imagination Pavilion's Original Dreamfinder!

What a start to my weekend. I had the great honor to find the following
note in my email!

Jeff —

My name is Ron Schneider. I was the first and original strolling
Dreamfinder & Figment at
Journey Into Imagination
from ’82 to ’87, and I was the official
voice for the Dreamfinder (after Chuck McCann was "let go".)

I’m writing you because I have just received and glanced through your
video tribute to my old stomping grounds and couldn’t let another minute
go by without thanking you and congratulating you on a sterling job!!

Your footage, editing, sound, color and comprehensive coverage really
took me back to the old ride and I’ll be using this great production for
years to come to demonstrate the old show to people (always giving the
credit to JeffLangeDVD,
of course)!

Thanks again for all your hard work,

Ron Schneider


Photos above provided by Ron Schneider as the original Dreamfinder
(with Figment of course) in the early years of the Imagination pavilion.

I really appreciate his kind words about my
Journey Into Imagination
DVD, especially from someone who appreciates and
contributed so much to the history of Epcot Center! Thanks to Ron
Schneider for providing so much happiness as the original Dreamfinder. I
really wish the Dreamfinder was still with us in the parks today.

Jeff Lange Remembers Epcot’s
Journey Into Imagination 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition
available now. For more information or to order the DVD please click
. As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory
topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at