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Journey Into Imagination Photo Memories: A Tribute To Dreamfinder.

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today I will be continuing my
Journey Into Imagination
Photo Memories series with a tribute to Epcot
Center’s long lost keeper of Imagination (and friend of Figment)


This was the area that you exited into after experiencing the 3-D film
Magic Journeys
(or later Captain EO). Dreamfinder could usually be
found here posing for photos with his friend Figment (like above with my
sister Amy). Note the Kodak camera & film shop in the above photo. This
area has now changed to ‘Figments Place‘, a meet & greet with a
giant sized Figment.

"I am the Dreamfinder", This was your first encounter with
the Dreamfinder as he introduced himself from the controls of his Dream
Catcher. We next encounter our new host painting a color changing mural
using a giant fiber optic paint brush.

More scenes from the classic attraction feature Dreamfinder in various
performing arts persona’s Above our friend conducting a laser light
symphony and next he is dressed as a mysterious wizard.

In the above scenes Dreamfinder operates a scientific contraption to
show the miniature workings of nature. These are projected on movie
screens surrounding the ride vehicles.

Finally we come to the end our our
Journey Into Imagination
. We see the Dreamfinder behind an old fashion
camera telling us to "Use our newly found sparks of imagination in the
Image Works". Next we look straight ahead and see that an on-ride photo
(taken earlier going between scenes) is projected on a screen. This was
well before these became common as a merchandising feature. These photos
were never sold and they only exist now for those guests who
photographed them with their personal cameras. This was not an easy task
in those days before digital photography (yes, that is me above in the
back right).

My latest release ‘Jeff
Lange Remembers Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination 25th Anniversary
Collectors Edition
‘ is now available, please click
for more information. As always, if you want to request a future DVD
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