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Journey Into Imagination Photo Memories – Upside Down Figment Details – Future Production Update.

Hello everyone and welcome back for another Photo Memories update. This edition features Epcot’s
Journey Into Imagination
and some very cool shots of Figment’s upside down ‘Open House’.

We start with the exterior and the pavilion’s original sign. Note the small signs on either side for Captain EO and The Image Works. Next is our new friend Figment greeting us as we pass by in our omnimovers.

Now we’ll have some fun looking at the detail of the upside down rooms in the second version of the attraction ‘Journey Into Your Imagination‘ and the current version ‘Journey Into Imagination with Figment‘. I just love comparing these photos right down to the Figment purple toilet paper and wallpaper!

Next update I will focus on some great hidden Figments and closeup details not normally possible to view when riding the attraction. This just goes to demonstrate the Imagineers great attention to detail… even though most guests will never see it!

Production Update:

I have been uploading vintage video all week in preparation for the following releases.

Disneyland’s 45th Anniversary, Featuring, ‘Believe… There’s Magic in the Stars’, the ’45 Years of Magic Parade’, a visit to Club 33, a Horse Car ride down Main Street USA to see all the 45th Anniversary decorations, the final performance of the Woody’s Roundup stage show recorded July 17th, 2000 and more.

Epcot’s The Land, Featuring the original ‘Listen to the Land’, The ‘Kitchen Kabaret Revue’, Farmer’s Market scenes,’Symbiosis’, ‘Food Rocks’, ‘Living with the Land’ and more.

Also in pre production are Epcot’s The Living Seas, Epcot’s Communicore & Wonders of Life. I will also be fully covering  Classic World Showcase this fall.

My latest release ‘Jeff Lange Remembers Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition‘ is now available, please click HERE for more information.

As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.