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Magical Comments Re: Epcot's Horizons 2-DVD Set!

Hello everyone. Yesterday I received the following email that really made my day. I call these ‘Magical Comments‘ and with Mr. Marashian’s blessings I am sharing it today!


Mr Lange,

I just wanted to commend you on this fantastic 2 DVD set remembering the classic attraction Horizons at EPCOT Center. My wife purchased this DVD for me for Christmas, but had misplaced it. She finally found it, and I was able to watch both discs in their entirety this evening. There are really no words to express how wonderful your footage, audio, and attention to detail are.

This is the one Disney attraction that I will always miss the most. Your DVD has archived, in outstanding quality, just about every version of the attraction there was. I was even more shocked that you had captured the rare GE “Sparkling” ending music in there as well! Simply put, this is a MUST HAVE for any Horizons fan.

I thank you for your time reading this e-mail; you are certainly due all the praise and commendation you receive. I have a few more DVD’s that I plan on ordering in the near future, and I am certain I can expect top notch quality on those as well.

Best regards,

Mehran J. Marashian Jr.

I would like to again thank Mr. Marashian for his nice comments. I also share his passion for Horizons (It was and is my all time favorite attraction). I’m glad I am able to preserve these memories for those of us who grew up with these great rides and also for people who never had the chance to experience these classic attractions.

For more ‘Magical Comments‘ please click HERE and as always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at  suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.

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Praise from the Epcot Center Imagination Pavilion's Original Dreamfinder!

What a start to my weekend. I had the great honor to find the following
note in my email!

Jeff —

My name is Ron Schneider. I was the first and original strolling
Dreamfinder & Figment at
Journey Into Imagination
from ’82 to ’87, and I was the official
voice for the Dreamfinder (after Chuck McCann was "let go".)

I’m writing you because I have just received and glanced through your
video tribute to my old stomping grounds and couldn’t let another minute
go by without thanking you and congratulating you on a sterling job!!

Your footage, editing, sound, color and comprehensive coverage really
took me back to the old ride and I’ll be using this great production for
years to come to demonstrate the old show to people (always giving the
credit to JeffLangeDVD,
of course)!

Thanks again for all your hard work,

Ron Schneider


Photos above provided by Ron Schneider as the original Dreamfinder
(with Figment of course) in the early years of the Imagination pavilion.

I really appreciate his kind words about my
Journey Into Imagination
DVD, especially from someone who appreciates and
contributed so much to the history of Epcot Center! Thanks to Ron
Schneider for providing so much happiness as the original Dreamfinder. I
really wish the Dreamfinder was still with us in the parks today.

Jeff Lange Remembers Epcot’s
Journey Into Imagination 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition
available now. For more information or to order the DVD please click
. As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory
topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at

Magical Comments

Hi everyone, I recently received the following note and was very touched
by her story. I decided it would be nice to share it with my readers and
after getting Erin’s blessings I am posting for all to enjoy. This is
what makes doing these DVDs worth it for me. I’m glad to spread the
Disney magic in my own little way and to know it is appreciated.

Magical Comments:

You won’t remember me, but I contacted you about your WDW 20th
anniversary DVD. It was at least a month ago and I did purchase it. I
said I needed to make sure you could see the dancers in the parade
because a friend of mine was one of them. Well, I hope you don’t mind,
but I wanted to tell you what happened. Warning: I’m long winded,
especially right now when my brain’s fried too. So settle back in your
chair or delete this and run for your life while you can!

My friends Becky and Adam have been going through such h_ll in the past
year and more. She lost her job, was diagnosed with a debilitating
condition, they’ve both been in the hospital in the past month and a
half….. Lots of stress and pain. We got together (along with their 2
year old daughter Sophia) last Thurs night with the hopes of getting
them out of the house and maybe having some laughs.

I brought your DVD as a surprise with me. Quick backstory: Becky was a
CM at WDW for 7 years as a dancer, performer, and choreographer. Her
father is a former Imagineer who worked with Walt Disney himself and
then later in WDW. When we first met Becky, we asked if we could have
seen her perform on one of our trips. One thing stood out: the Party
Gras parade (the one with the big character balloons for WDW’s 20th
birthday). Unfortunately, I did the video we had of it, and I was stuck
behind tall people. I got the balloons, but not the dancers.

Then I saw your DVD and contacted you. I actually held my breath as we
popped it in the player (keeping up a mantra the whole time: "please let
her be on it!" — she could have been sick, who knows?), but there she
was! She performed in the Carmen Miranda – Minnie Mouse section. We got
a closeup of her dancing right by the camera, then the women move to
stand on the Minnie float and she was right up front! Becky was blown
away! She told me that she has no video of any performance and to see
this brought so many good feelings back! I hugged Sophia and pointed to
the screen the whole time whispering, "That’s your Mommy!" Becky was in
her own world, transported back 14 – 15 years, and I realized she was
whispering the dance moves to herself or friends’ names as they went by.
Including a laugh: “They grabbed me and said I had 15 minutes to learn
the dance.” She replaced someone who couldn’t be in it and stayed,
ending up as dance captain for her unit.

Then the next magic moment came. I whispered to Becky, "Look at your

Sophia knows all about Disney parades on TV. She watches their recording
of the 2006 Christmas parade at least once a week. That her own mother
was one of those magical people awed her. That alone got to Becky, but
then Sophia tried mimicking her dance steps. With happy tears in her
eyes, Becky got up and said, "Do you want me to teach the dance?" and
Sophia yelled happily, "Yes! I do Mommy dance! I grow up and do it in

The sight of Becky breaking down the dance to easy things for Sophia to
repeat….. what can I say? (“First, we cha-cha.” Sophia walked back and
forth. “Then we swing our skirt. And sing Sumba! Sumba! Sumba!” A 2½
year old marching, swinging an imaginary skirt, and yelling Sumba!
Sumba! Sumba! is really something to see!)

Becky was also in Spectromagic which was on the DVD too! (Tougher to see
though since it’s nighttime, but we picked her based on body language.
As she said, “I was the only dragonfly to do a low-medium-and high arm
movement which gave me 3 spins. The rest did 2.”)

I gave them the DVD as a gift and got a big hug in return.

But the story isn’t done:

As I said, Becky’s father is David Anderson, one of Walt’s Imagineers.
Coincidentally, “Mickey Mouse” mails Sophia once in awhile. The same day
as the DVD, another envelope came to her with a bunch of photos,
including Walt Disney, Walt and Mickey, and the Partners statue. The
note read, “This is my daddy, Walt Disney. He was pals with your Papa!
(Her word for her maternal grandfather.) Love, Mickey!”

Friday morning, Becky called her father and Sophia spoke first. She
started off by saying that Mickey Mouse sent pictures of his daddy and
that Papa and Walt were pals! But she had to go because the Mommy show
was on. “Sumba! Sumba! Sumba!”

(Also that she had ridden in the “magic car” and it was a monorail.
Translation: I drove her around the block in my mustang convertible –
roof down – with the full WDW monorail spiel playing on the CD.)

Naturally, he was stunned and Becky had to fill him in. I didn’t know
it, but her family never saw her in that parade. One plan after another
to get there got interrupted. The chance to see her on the DVD has them
so excited! Plus, that his granddaughter wants to hear him talk about
his pal, Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse’s daddy…. and that she’s talking
(albeit a toddler’s dreams) of being the 3rd generation in their family
to go to Disney…. They’re coming out in September and now it has a
whole other meaning to it too.

(He also says he wants a ride in the magic car with the monorail spiel!)

What a great night. If even for a little while, Disney magic brought
some happiness to some people, who brought it to so many others, when
they really needed it.

Thank you! Without your DVD, that night wouldn’t have happened.

Erin Blackwell