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Epcot Update: Innoventions Smarter Planet by IBM, Flower and Garden Festival Blooms, Monorail Beam Work and Characters in Epcot – Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Flowers are starting to bloom around Epcot where Jack Frost took his toll. The purple and white flowers in front of Spaceship Earth are looking great! (below, left). There was a lot of rain today, and part of my time was spent inside creating an avatar of myself to play in the new Innoventions IBM offering called “Run Time” as part of the Smarter Planet exhibit (below, right).

The avatar runs, jumps, dances and looks just like the person designing it (in this case, me!)  (below left and right). When you are done, you send an email to yourself to enjoy the game at home.

There is a seating area where you can wait before playing (below, left). The queue (below, right) leads you past an interesting display.

On the display below, it says, “The chip inside the Sony Playstation 3 is so sophisticated that it also powers the fastest super computer in the world – IBM’s Roadrunner” (below, left). I started the game process by doing the various moves requested (below, right).

Video #1 – IBM Innoventions Smarter Planet Exhibit, “Run Time” Game 2/5/10 – This newly designed exhibit has a fun game which you can email back to play at home. You run, jump, and it creates an avatar that looks just like you to be used in the game.

Beautiful yellow flowers are now planted where a Jack Frost sign once stood (below, left) and the area below that used to hold the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival butterfly tent is getting readied for whatever it will now hold (below, right). The butterfly tent is supposed to be in a different location this year.

The monorail beam is getting cleaned up and it looks great! The dirty side (below, left) is a stark contrast to the newly cleaned side (below, right).

Video #2 – Monorail Beam Rehab at Epcot 2/05/2010 – This video shows the difference from the beam that has been worked on vs. what hasn’t (it looks like they are just cleaning it). The difference is striking.

At the International Gateway, Foulfellow and June and Annie from Little Einsteins greet guests. We were told that sometimes these unusual characters come out when cast members are in training, but we’ve seen quite a bit of the different characters (especially in Epcot) recently.

There is some other activity in preparations for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, which takes place in just under month! A wall (below left) shows a sign (below, right) which lets guests know that the dates are March 3rd – May 16th, 2010.

In Italy, a facade is now up to hide the construction on the upcoming Napoli Pizzeria (below left and right).

The wall next to the tea garden (below, left) has enough space to show what is going on inside (below, right). This is where a small shop used to be, it is currently moved.

The Land boat ride has been walled up, but is now testing it’s boats (below left and right).

For more great photos, please check out MouseSteps latest update HERE!

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