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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland’s Light Magic (Includes: One Man’s Dream Show)

Jeff Lange brings you vintage footage from two completely different but unique elements of Disneyland history! Light Magic replaced the popular Main Street Electrical Parade, but ended after only 4 months in 1997. One Man’s Dream was a beloved stage show that also ran for 4 months in 1990 before making way for Dick Tracy’s Diamond Double Cross.

Two different vantage points – from the Small World mall and Main Street USA – give you a complete look at Light Magic. Opening on May 23rd, 1997 with four battery powered floats and 125 performers, Light Magic was billed as a “Streetacular” instead of a parade due to the two performance zones. The buildings on Main Street USA were enhanced with fiber optics created for Light Magic and lighting towers were added to the Small World mall (those still are used to this day). The soundtrack was a mix of both classic Disney songs and new music written specifically for Light Magic, the infectious “Dream our Dreams”. There is even a salute to the Main Street Electrical Parade, “Baroque Hoedown”.

The first complete Light Magic recording is shot from the Small World mall, recorded under a speaker for optimum clarity. Characters such as Chip and Dale, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Roger Rabbit and Rafiki appear in their pajamas alongside pixies who dance to Celtic music. The performance includes audience interaction, fiber optic and smoke effects, and concludes with a bast of colorful confetti.

The second Light Magic recording is shot from Main Street USA, with a similar assortment of characters and pixies, and includes a perfect view of the screen that features Disney animated characters with corresponding music.

One Man’s Dream celebrated the remarkable imagination of Walt Disney, in an incredible stage show which begins in black and white and soon turns to color before your eyes! The setting was Videopolis, a teen dance venue which was turned into a stage for this Tokyo Disney-inspired show. Impressive sets and a cast of 40 bring movies such as Peter Pan and The Jungle Book to life, adding characters such as The Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Goofy and Pluto into a variety of dance sequences. You’ll see Peter and Wendy fly, and behold a beautiful dance sequence with Snow  White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and their princes. Mickey and Minnie open the One Man’s Dream show simply, and the presentation unfolds in front of you – building into a grand “H00ray for Hollywood” climax, and ending with an explosion of fireworks. This is a show not to be missed!

Relive the magic year after year or experience it for the first time by purchasing a copy of “Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland’s Light Magic”.

Running Time: 66 Min

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