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Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade: Video #2 – Production Update: Vintage Parade DVD

Hi everyone!

Site partner MouseSteps (which is still experiencing site update problems) took another video of the new Magic Kingdom parade “Celebrate A Dream Come True”, this time shot from a different location.

Celebrate A Dream Come True Video: Version 2 (Recorded 1/26/09)

Part 2 is available HERE.

Part 3 is available HERE.

(Note: The videos we present here are for fun and do not represent the quality you will find on my DVDs. They are recorded with a primarily photo camera for my site visitors enjoyment.)

Production Update:

With all the recent discussion about the new “Celebrate A Dream Come True” parade, I have decided that my next DVD release will feature vintage Magic Kingdom parades! It will include the following:

20th Anniversary “Surprise” Celebration Parade (1991)


Mickey Mania Parade (1994)


25th Anniversary: Remember The Magic Parade (1996)


100 Years of Magic Celebration: Share A Dream Come True Parade (2001)


I have enjoyed reliving these great parades again and can’t stop humming the “Mickey Mania” and “It’s Time to Remember the Magic” theme music! I hope to have this finished by the end of next week.

Available now:

In keeping with the parade theme of this update, I present the following titles featuring another favorite of mine The Main Street Electrical Parade“!

jwl-media-main-street-electrical-paradeJeff Lange Remembers: The Main Street Electrical Parade!

Jeff Lange takes you on a trip back in time to experience the evolution of Disney’s beloved nighttime classic, “The Main Street Electrical Parade”.

Features: Disneyland: Main Street Electrical Parade (1993), Walt Disney World: Main Street Electrical Parade (1991), California Adventure: Disney’s Electrical Parade (2007) and Walt Disney World: Electrical Water Pageant (1992)

Please click HERE for more information or to purchase this item.

Click here to browse the JeffLangeDVD store.

Also Available:


Jeff Lange Remembers: The Hercules Electrical Parade in New York City

Jeff Lange takes you back to June 14th, 1997 to see this one-time-only extravaganza make it’s way through Times Square.

All of the classic floats are here, with the addition of the special Hercules units and fanfare. You have never seen the Parade like this!

Also included:

The Main Street Electrical Parade recorded in 1999 during it’s short return engagement at The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Please click HERE for more information or to purchase this item.

As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.