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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers: Disney-MGM Studios Classics Vol 1

Jeff Lange takes you on a trip back in time to experience the early years of the Disney-MGM Studios. This first volume in a series features the following vintage footage:

Studios Entrance Scenes (1989-1992)

Entering the gates of Disney-MGM Studios, you look down Hollywood Boulevard towards the iconic Chinese Theater. Next, visit the original Soundstage Restaurant, themed to a wrap party for the 1988 live action movie Big Business. It’s a hot set – so enter through the side doors!

Here Come The Muppets (1991)

This lively stage show features your favorite Muppets as walk-around characters. The show begins as Kermit is waiting for the other Muppets to arrive. He calls the operator on the video phone, who suggests a reservation at the Chefs De France restaurant, because “they have a special on frogs legs”. Undeterred, Kermit makes a frog-to-pig call to Miss Piggy (in a mud mask), who is initially unaware that her “important business meeting” is being viewed by the audience. Eventually Fozzie Bear, the Electric Mayhem Band, Bean Bunny, Gonzo and Miss Piggy arrive to entertain the audience in typical Muppets fashion!

Soundstage Restaurant (1992)

In the location that currently houses “Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage!”, the Soundstage Restaurant’s theme in 1992 was that of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Meet Belle and her Beast in this counter service restaurant that was elaborately themed as the Beast’s castle and Belle’s quaint village. A hologram rose helps bring the story to life. This segment also includes a brief walk-through of the Catwalk Bar.

The Studio Showcase (1992)

Before there was a Toy Story Pizza Planet restaurant, this area of Disney-MGM Studios was the setting to view movie props from then-current films. This footage contains props from films such as Honey I Blew Up the Kid, The Rocketeer, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Star Today Ceremony (1992)

When Disney-MGM Studios opened, a celebrity was on hand each day for a motorcade and handprint ceremony. Phyllis Diller was the star on July 4th, 1992, and was led down Sunset Boulevard in a procession that included the Hollywood Brass, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, and Minnie Mouse.

The Great Movie Ride (1991)

The beautiful replica of Hollywood’s famous Chinese Theater is the centerpiece for this classic dark ride. You’ll tour the courtyard, view movie props in the queue, and enjoy this vintage version of the beloved attraction that takes guests through scenes of famous films throughout movie history. This is the gangster version and includes the original waterfall in the Footlight Parade sequence.

Relive these special Disney memories year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing a copy of “Jeff Lange Remembers Disney-MGM Studios Classics Vol 1”.

Running Time: 66 Min

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