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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers: Epcot's Horizons – 10 Years Later – Updated 3-Disc Set

horizons-3-disc-coverJeff Lange takes you on a trip back in time to celebrate Epcot’s 25th Anniversary. This updated 3-Disc edition features the Future World classic attraction “Horizons”, Presented by General Electric.

Disc One: Jeff Lange Remembers: Epcot’s Horizons

Horizons Presented by GE / Space Ending (1993)

This incredible video was recorded with an audio mixer and two microphones to capture the sounds in front of you and the narration from the speaker behind your head. Features full coverage of the exterior, queue & load area, all your favorite ride scenes, a visit to the space station “Brava Centauri” plus the original General Electric exit displays.

Desert Ending (1992)

Travel to the desert farm of “Mesa Verde”.

Undersea Ending (1992)

Visit the “Sea Castle” research base.

Complete OMNIMAX Loop (1991-1993)

View the complete OMNIMAX loop (not possible on the ride itself) showing modern technologies and ideas that could be used to build the world of tomorrow.

Horizons (No Sponsor) / Space Ending (1998)

A complete ride from the pavilions last full year of operation. All references to General Electric have been removed.

Photo Slideshow (1983-1998)

A photo montage of over eighty vintage images.

Bonus Ride / Space Ending (1992)

A bonus ride on the Future World classic.

Disc Two:  Jeff Lange’s Companion Collection: Epcot’s Horizons

Horizons Presented by GE / Desert Ending (1991)

Features extended coverage of the exterior, queue and load area, the full ride, and the original General Electric exit displays.

Horizons Presented by GE / Desert Ending (1992)

Complete ride with extended queue footage.

Horizons Presented by GE / Space Ending (1992)

Complete ride edited from multiple recordings.

Photo Slideshow (1983-2007)

Historical images including props and current park tributes.

Disc Three:  Jeff Lange Presents: Remembering Horizons – 10 Years Later

Epcot’s “Horizons” closed forever on January 9th, 1999. This all-new disc pays tribute to the beloved Future World attraction and it’s replacement “Mission Space”!

Horizons / Undersea Ending (1997)

A previously unreleased complete ride! Includes full coverage of the exterior, queue, load area and exit displays with all references to GE removed.

Horizons / Undersea Ending (1996)

Another previously unreleased complete ride, featuring all of your favorite scenes shot from new angles.

Mission Space Presented by HP (2006)

The replacement attraction for Horizons was Mission Space, opening in 2003. This segment features extended coverage of the exterior, queue and load area, pre-show, the full ride, and post-show exhibits and displays.

Celebrate Epcot’s 25th Anniversary year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing “Jeff Lange Remembers Epcot’s Horizons”.

Running Time: 190 Min

For those customers who already own the “Horizons 2-Disc Set”, we offer an upgrade package HERE!

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