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Photo Memories Featuring Epcot's World Showcase: Maelstrom and Skylaidescope plus a New Release Update.

Hi everyone and welcome back for another update featuring more photos
from Epcot’s World Showcase

Photo Memories: World Showcase Part 2 – The first set of photos
below are from Norway pavilion’s Maelstrom boat ride featuring a
trip back to a mythological version of Norway’s Viking days.

This is one of the few ‘dark ride’ type attractions at Epcot and I have
always enjoyed it although it is often overlooked today.

Below are some rare photos (circa 1986) of the original Epcot Center
lagoon spectacular Skylaidescope!

In this large scale daytime lagoon extravaganza you experienced a battle
between good and evil fought with bi-planes, dragon boats, kites,
colorful smoke and daytime fireworks. During the show the classic Epcot
Center anthem "we’ve just begun to dream" plays as the bi-planes buzz
and circle the dragon boats diving to almost hit them before pulling up
into the sky!

At the end of the show hundreds of colorful balloons were released (a
common practice in those days not longer done out of environmental
concerns). This was truely a fun spectacle and I miss the days of the
daytime lagoon shows. It has been over 15 years sinse the last attempt
with Surprise in the Skies and I don’t see Disney bringing this
type of show back anytime soon… but you never know.

For many years after Skylaidescope ended one of the dragon boats
(below) was parked in the lagoon behind the Rock and Roll Beach Club (
closing forever February 3rd
) at Pleasure Island. I have not seen it for
years and I assume it has been retired or perhaps used as a prop
somewhere. If anyone knows the fate of this boat please let me know.

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