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Magical Comments Re: Epcot's Horizons 2-DVD Set!

Hello everyone. Yesterday I received the following email that really made my day. I call these ‘Magical Comments‘ and with Mr. Marashian’s blessings I am sharing it today!


Mr Lange,

I just wanted to commend you on this fantastic 2 DVD set remembering the classic attraction Horizons at EPCOT Center. My wife purchased this DVD for me for Christmas, but had misplaced it. She finally found it, and I was able to watch both discs in their entirety this evening. There are really no words to express how wonderful your footage, audio, and attention to detail are.

This is the one Disney attraction that I will always miss the most. Your DVD has archived, in outstanding quality, just about every version of the attraction there was. I was even more shocked that you had captured the rare GE “Sparkling” ending music in there as well! Simply put, this is a MUST HAVE for any Horizons fan.

I thank you for your time reading this e-mail; you are certainly due all the praise and commendation you receive. I have a few more DVD’s that I plan on ordering in the near future, and I am certain I can expect top notch quality on those as well.

Best regards,

Mehran J. Marashian Jr.

I would like to again thank Mr. Marashian for his nice comments. I also share his passion for Horizons (It was and is my all time favorite attraction). I’m glad I am able to preserve these memories for those of us who grew up with these great rides and also for people who never had the chance to experience these classic attractions.

For more ‘Magical Comments‘ please click HERE and as always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at  suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.

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