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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers Epcot’s World Showcase 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition 2-Disc Set – Free Shipping Qualifier

Jeff Lange takes you on a trip back in time to celebrate Epcot’s 25th Anniversary. This ninth in a series, features Epcot’s World Showcase.

Disc One:

Mexico Pavilion: El Rio de Tiempo (1991)

Set sail on ‘The River of Time’ and view scenes from Mexico’s history. A complete ride thru featuring the earliest footage available of this World Showcase classic.

Mexico Pavilion: El Rio de Tiempo (1993)

This complete vintage ride through was recorded with an audio mixer and two microphones to capture the main narration plus the sounds of all the background audio effects.

Mexico Pavilion: El Rio de Tiempo (2006)

Final ride thru edited from multiple recordings taken just before this Epcot Center original attraction closed forever. Features full coverage of the exterior, queue & load area plus all your favorite ride scenes and exit displays.

Mexico Pavilion: Gran Fiesta Tour (2007)

We have combined the very best footage from seven ride throughs to present this ultimate recording of the updated attraction. Includes full coverage of the queue and load area plus the all new scenes featuring Donald Duck, Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles.

Norway Pavilion: Maelstrom (1991)

Travel back to a mythological version of Norway’s Viking days  and encounter trolls and polar bears before plunging into the North Sea.

World Showcase Omnibus Tour (1991)

Experience a true hidden gem of classic Epcot Center as you take a full circle tour of World Showcase from atop a double decker omnibus.

Disc Two:

The American Adventure (1993-1995)

Ben Franklin and Mark Twain are your hosts for this E-ticket attraction presenting historic figures who shaped our nation. Audio-Animatronics of Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass,Susan B. Anthony, Will Rogers, Alexander Graham Bell, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are some of the people represented.

Skyleidoscope Lagoon Spectacular (1986)

Rare footage featuring highlights of the original Epcot lagoon spectacular. Witness a battle between good and evil fought with bi-planes, dragon boats, kites, colorful smoke and daytime fireworks.

Surprise in the Skies: WDW 20th Anniversary Edition (1991)

Colors take flight around World Showcase in this extravaganza that features the worlds largest daytime fireworks display. Boats, kites, para-planes, hang gliders, fireworks and giant balloons encircle the lagoon and soar above the park. Patriotic music signals a surprise appearance from the Disney Characters as forty foot high inflatables pop up around world showcase promenade. This complete performance was shot from multiple angles to capture all the action from the best possible locations.

Surprise in the Skies: Standard Edition (1992)

Another complete performance of the daytime spectacular after it was changed to remove all references of Walt Disney World’s 20th Anniversary.

Celebrate Epcot’s 25th Anniversary year after year or experience the magic for the first time by  purchasing ‘Jeff Lange Remembers Epcot’s World Showcase’.

Total Running Time: 134 Min

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