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Disneyland Resort Halloween Time Part 1, Halloween Decorations, Jack Skellington and Sally Meet and Greet, Pumpkin Carving and More! – Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

We just got back from an amazing 2 week trip to Disneyland – it was busy and we are trying to catch up on everything back here in Florida (including sleep), but this was my first time to see Halloween Time at Disneyland and I was really impressed by it. We also attended D23’s Destination D, saw The World of Color (I have a great recording of it), and so much more. Look for a Disneyland Halloween Time disc in the next week or two! The festive entrance to Disneyland features the Fab 5 (below, left), including Donald Duck (below, right).

Goofy (below, left) and Minnie Mouse (complete with bow, below right) also grace the Disneyland entrance. What a treat to enter into the Happiest Place on Earth with such great theming!

Town Square (below left and right) features a large Mickey Mouse pumpkin – with a face on both sides – and beautiful fall flowers.

Video #1 – Maestro Mickey Mouse, Disneyland – Dancing and Conducting the Jazz Band! – We love Disneyland, and here is one reason why! Mickey Mouse conducts the jazz band while dancing.

Halloween Time banners line Main Street USA (below, left), and you can see the large pumpkin with Sleeping Beauty Castle behind it (below, right). You can even get a glimpse of the back of the back of Donald Duck in a pumpkin outfit!

Guests line up to meet Minnie Mouse in front of the firehouse, she’s dressed as a witch for Halloween (below, left). Donald dons his pumpkin outfit as he puts his hands on his hips (below, right).

Mickey Mouse (below, left) is dapper in his purple Halloween outfit, complete with top hat. Goofy (below, right) is a bit more “bare bones”, as a skeleton!

Dale (below, left) is dressed as a policeman for Halloween – Chip dresses the same for the meet-and-greets on Main Street. Tilly  the ticket taker at the Main Street Cinema is decked out for Halloween as well (below, right).

Pumpkins sit atop the Main Street Cinema marquee (below, left). There are pumpkins up and down Main Street USA (below, right).

The large Mickey Mouse pumpkin (below, left) is seen from the omnibus. Walt and Mickey (below, right) are surrounded by a variety of pumpkins that have Disney characters carved on them.

Jack Skellington (below, left) is one of the characters on the pumpkins at the hub. A tree dedicated to Ray Bradbury (below, right) is festooned with a variety of pumpkins and has includes a plaque at it’s base.

Jack Skellington (below, left) greets guests in the Haunted Mansion Holiday queue. The attraction received an upgrade this year, including Leota inside a floating Christmas ornament! A skull and candles (below, right) are part of the decor on the Haunted Mansion.

Jack Skellington and Sally greet guests in New Orleans Square (below, left). One young guest looks apprehensive as Sally reaches out her arms (below, right).

Video #2 – Jack Skellington and Sally Disneyland Meet and Greet Halloween – Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas meet guests at Disneyland!

Big Thunder Ranch is the setting for pumpkin carving, a petting area and more (below, left). Pumpkins made up as a cowboy and cowgirl welcome guests (below, right).

I took time to pet this friendly goat (below, left). All the goats had hankies around their necks with Halloween prints. A cast member (below, right) carves a Grumpy from the pumpkin. These cast members are very talented, there seem to always be two of them working and we were told that each can carve between 1 and 2 pumpkins per day. There was quite a bit of rotation in the pumpkins while we were there, so we tried to stop by daily.

Jack and Sally are the two most elaborate pumpkins we saw (below, left), and we really loved the Dug and Carl (from the film UP) pumpkins.

Video #3 – Disneyland Pumpkin Carving – Including Yoda, Jack and Sally, Disney Characters – Disneyland has two cast members each day who carve pumpkins for guests to look at at the Big Thunder Ranch area. We were told that each cast member can create one to two pumpkins each day, they are incredible!

For many more great photos, please check out MouseSteps latest update HERE!

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