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Remembering Disney's Pirate & Princess Parties: 2007-2008

Hi everyone!

Today’s photo memory features a look back at all three versions of Disney’s Pirate & Princess Parties! This was a great event that was last presented back in 2008. I attended the original incarnation in the winter of 2007, followed by the summer 2007 version as well as the final incarnation in winter 2008 (renamed Mickey’s Pirate & Princess Party)! Pirate Mickey (below left) advertising the party outside the Magic Kingdom entrance. The Train Station is decorated for the party as we enter via a smoke filled magic carpet (below right)!

pp001 pp002

Disney’s Enchanted Adventures Parade, shown only on party nights, featured all your favorite Pirates & Princesses and began with knights on horseback (below left). Pirate Mickey Mouse greets us from the famous mirror float (below right).

37262825_tp1 37263620_tp

The Pirate Ship Float (below left) featured dueling pirates and cannons that shoot smoke!  Captain Jack Sparrow looks down from the Pirates of the Caribbean float (below right).

37263111_tp 37263353_tp

A spooky undead pirate (below left) appears with captain Jack! Tinkerbell made her first appearance in a Walt Disney World parade at the Pirate & Princess Party, atop this new treasure chest float (below right).

111120503_tp 111124675_tp

The “Tick Tock” float was added in Summer 07 (below left) Tink greets the crowd below!!

111124874_tp 37263470_tp

Let’s not forget the princesses as we see the Blue Fairy, Cinderella and Prince Charming (below left). Ariel and Prince Eric wave to the crowd (below right).

37262867_tp 37262896_tp

The Magic, Music & Mayhem Fireworks (above). This exclusive pyrotechnic extravaganza has become the new Disney standard in nighttime entertainment! Highlights include the Sleeping Beauty fairies color fight!

37263792_tp 37263910_tp

Main Street USA featured Pirate and Princess projections moving across the buildings! The “Pirate Play Spot” was actually very fun for adults as well as kids.

111125695_tp dsc_8734

The “Dunk the Pirate” game (above). Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial (Above). Guests learned about pursuing life in the pirate trade from Captain Jack Sparrow and his first mate Mack.

dsc_8745 37262669_tp

Princess Jasmine’s Royal Guard Recruitment (Above). You’d master a magical invisible sword and become a member of the Royal Guard with help from Prince Aladdin. Remember to beware of the evil Jafar! The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction was always popular on these nights!

37291201_tp 111126641_tp

At the end of the night, you exited through the red carpets to count your booty of chocolate (replaced by coins in 2008) and beads.


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