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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange’s Disneyland Parade Classics Vol 2

Disneyland Parade Classics 2Jeff Lange takes you back in time to experience this second in a series of DVDs featuring vintage parades from the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland!

Aladdin’s Royal Caravan (1993)

As Aladdin’s Royal Caravan approaches Disneyland’s Main Street USA, you’ll be magically transported to Agrabah! This critically acclaimed parade features a 32-foot tall Genie, as well as the grand entrance of Prince Ali, spitting camels, and the piece de resistance is Aladdin and Jasmine on top of Abu in the form of a giant elephant!

The Lion King Celebration (1994)

Performers dressed as monkeys swing from trees in this African-themed procession based on the blockbuster hit from 1994! Giraffes with articulated necks, an elephant squirting water, and an incredible float that features thunder leading into a full rainfall helps make this one of the most beloved Disneyland parades of all time. Zazu’s appearance signifies the first time an audio-animatronic figure is used in a Disney parade. Dancers in tribal outfits and beloved Lion King characters including Simba and Timon join together in this joyous event.

Hercules’ Victory Parade (1998)

With the Disneyland Astro Orbiter as a backdrop, marvel as a giant float featuring a lightning-bolt clutching Zeus helps lead this lively spectacle! Dozens of dancers in brightly colored outfits inspired by the 1997 film entertain the crowd, along with movie favorites such as Phil and Zeus. Hades attempts to bring the mood down with his sidekicks Pain and Panic before “Zero to Hero” Hercules saves the day, flanked by the beautiful Megara.

Mulan Parade (1998)

This charming nighttime version of the Mulan parade features dancing pagodas, a giant inflatable Shan Yu tied to a bed of skulls, and Mushu as an extended-length dragon with his body symbolizing the Great Wall of China! Led by the Matchmaker towering high above the crowd, the pageantry is energized by sword-wielding huns and acrobatic performances. The parade concludes with a larger-than-life Emperor waving to the crowd!

Relive these special Disneyland parade memories year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing a copy of “Jeff Lange’s Disneyland Parade Classics 2”.

Running Time: 54 Min

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