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Buy it Now – Polynesian Combo Pack – Free Shipping Qualifier

We are now offering “Jeff Lange Experiences: The Polynesian Resort” DVD and JWL Media Productions Presents “The Polynesian Resort” Windows Screensaver/Photo CD together with a special bonus: Disney’s Polynesian Resort Guide Map – shown above while supplies last!

Disc 1 (DVD)

Jeff Lange brings you this third in a series of DVDs that feature unique experiences from the Disney theme parks and resorts. In this edition we explore Disney’s Polynesian Resort!

Scenes from Bay Lake:

Cruise toward beautiful beaches as you approach Disney’s Polynesian Resort. View Sunset Point, the Tahiti, Hawaii and Tuvalu longhouses, Luau Cove and more!

Great Ceremonial House:

Your tour features relaxing waterfalls, Hidden Mickeys, the BouTiki shop, Capt. Cook’s, the Moana Mickey’s arcade, Trader Jack’s, Samoa Snacks, the Kona Cafe, `Ohana and the Walt Disney World Monorail.

Nanea Volcano Pool:

Meander past lush tropical streams, stopping to enjoy this beautiful pool as steam rises from the volcano. This unique pool also features a water slide, and boasts views of the Magic Kingdom castle!

Walking Tour from East:

Stroll past the Tangaroa Terrace, Rapa Nui, Tokelau, Samoa, and Niue longhouses. Visit the east pool and enjoy the serene beach hammocks and watercraft!

Walking Tour from West:

Experience the beauty of the Luau Cove beach, colorful South Seas flowers, and the Fiji, Aotearoa and Tonga longhouses. See the Mikala Canoe Club, marina and more!

Sunset Torch Lights:

The Tiki torches are ignited and we enjoy the beauty of this exquisite resort at sunset.

Water Pageant / Fireworks:

Conclude your visit with a viewing of the Electrical Water Pageant, followed by highlights of the fireworks above Cinderella’s Castle, enjoyed from the pool and beach! This is a unique vantage point one can enjoy when staying at this tropical resort.

Relive these special memories year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing “Jeff Lange Experiences The Polynesian Resort”!

Running Time: 66 Min

Disc 2 (Windows Screensaver CD)

Now you can experience the beauty of Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort on your home computer! Over 100 high-resolution images let you bring home the South Seas charm of this beloved original Walt Disney World resort!

* Over one hundred images

* Hi-resolution images

* Any image as your wallpaper

* Random or consecutive images

* Easy to install and use

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows – All versions.

This item qualifies for free shipping on your entire order.

I strive to provide my customers with superior customer service.

All orders shipped within 24 business hours guaranteed!

Photo Memories: Vintage Polynesian Village Resort Photos

Hi everyone!

To celebrate JWL Media’s new Polynesian Resort Screensaver CD and Polynesian Resort DVD, I am presenting these vintage images from my personal collection.

Below is a photo of my father (Walter Lange) studying the Polynesian Village Resort information guide. I love the vibrant 70’s room decor with all the green patterned designs! Next is a much younger Jeff posing with my Tiki friends.

The next two photos are from the original lobby. I will always remember the green and blue tile floors and comfortable wraparound chairs. The distinctive aroma that I’d encounter as a child is still the same to this day!

The original Polynesian Resort longhouses did not have colorful painted designs as the current ones do. Below right is the original pool. It featured a water slide which was only accessible by swimming through a waterfall. It was very exciting for me, as it was the first uniquely themed pool with a slide that I had ever encountered. As a child all I wanted to do was swim in this pool and go down the slide for hours and hours!

Swimming was allowed in the Seven Seas Lagoon back then! Below are photos of the marina.

The photo below is of my family and me swimming in the lagoon.

You’ve seen my vintage photos – now enjoy the Polynesian Resort from 2008:

Available Now: The Polynesian Resort – Combo Pack!

We are now offering “Jeff Lange Experiences: The Polynesian Resort” DVD and “JWL Media Productions Presents: The Polynesian Resort” Windows Screensaver/Photo CD together with a special bonus: Disney’s Polynesian Resort Guide Map – Shown above while supplies last!

To purchase “The Polynesian Resort – Combo Pack” – please click this LINK.

As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.

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