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A last look at Pleasure Island's Adventurers Club: 1989 – 2008

Hi everyone!

Earlier this month, I made my final trip to the Adventurers Club in it’s current form. Disney announced in June that Pleasure Island would close all of it’s clubs at the end of the evening on September 27th, 2008. That said, I am very excited that I am part of the NFFC group that will be enjoying an evening at this wonderful club in early October!

I am grateful to have enjoyed one last night at the Club before it closes to the public. Both Pleasure Island and the Adventurers Club have changed so much over the years I’ve visited! The best thing about my last AC visit was that it included some of the original actors, which gave it a wonderful feel of previous years!

I’ve been reminiscing lately about the 19 years I’ve enjoyed at the Adventurers Club. There is so much history! What I did miss – but my friend Jim Hill didn’t – was on occasion, Graves (the Adventurers Club butler) would welcome guests back to the club before informing them that in their absence, he was collecting their mail. Graves would then lower a platter for a guest to take an envelope, which the guest would open and read.

I always thought that this was a wonderful, interactive touch! And while remembering this past history of the Club, it reminded me that Jim had once given me an assortment of these sealed envelopes to keep in my personal archives. Today I discovered these letters and finally opened them! I am very happy to be sharing these letters – until now unread by me – with you.

Below is an example of one of these these letters. To view all the letters and more of my vintage Adventurers Club artifacts, please visit partner site Mousesteps.

To listen to Mr. Hill tell the full story of these letters and more about Pleasure Island’s history, please click HERE: (The Magical Definition Podcast – Pleasure Island Episode). Also please visit Jim Hill Media for more backstory on these vintage Adventurers Club artifacts!

NFFC Florida Convention:

This year’s 3rd Annual NFFC Florida Convention may possibly the very last chance Disneyana fans will get to experience the Adventurers Club. The NFFC bids a fond farewell to this one-of-a kind Disney venue with a special event that promises to be a full evening featuring a buffet dinner, one of a kind in-depth tour of the Adventurer’s Club, and some very special entertainment! The NFFC convention takes place at the Regal Sun Resort (formerly the Grosvenor Resort Walt Disney World) in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The dates are October 3rd through October 5th, 2008. See you there!

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