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Production Update: Epcot's World Showcase 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition 2-DVD Set

Hi everyone and welcome back for another update. I am well into
production on my current project
Jeff Lange Remembers Epcot’s World Showcase 25th Anniversary 2-DVD Set
This will feature the original Mexico attraction El Rio de Tiempo
, a vintage full circle tour of World Showcase from atop a Double
Decker OmniBus
, Norway’s Maelstrom, The original American
, Skylaidescope lagoon spectacular, Surprise in
the Skies
and much more.

I have been getting many emails lately requesting the
Epcot Center
original attraction, Mexico’s El Rio de Tiempo boat ride
. This will be covered extensively with complete vintage ride thru’s from
1991 and 1993 plus full coverage of the exterior, que and exit areas.
Also included are detailed 2006 ride thru’s recorded just before the
ride closed forever.

One of the true gems I discovered is a full circle tour of World
recorded in 1991 from the top of a Double Decker Omnibus
! I had forgotten how much fun these were. If anyone knows why these were
discontinued please let me know (I imagine it was for safety or crowding

Also included is a complete multi-angle presentation of the daytime
lagoon show Surprise in the Skies featuring the worlds largest
daytime fireworks display. Boats, kites, paraplanes, hang gliders,
fireworks and giant balloons of the Disney characters dressed for their
various countries (above)!

Please check back soon for another photo update featuring Norway’s
, The original American Adventure and the
lagoon spectacular. I hope to have this ready for
release by the end of next week.

Future Projects:

Some other projects lined up for 2008 are:

‘Walt Disney World Tomorrowland Classics’

‘Epcot After Dark’

‘Disneyland Classics 4’

‘Pirate & Princess Party 08’

‘Walt Disney World Class of 1971’

‘Epcot’s Millennium Celebration’

‘Individual Park Top Ten Series’ (get those top 10 lists

As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic
or comment on anything, just drop me a line at

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JeffLangeDVD store.

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