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All New Release – Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics Vol 3.

Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics Vol 3

5 January 2008

Jeff Lange Remembers
Disneyland Classics Vol 3 DVD Released Today.

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Windsor, Conn. (January 5th, 2008) -Today, JeffLangeDVD have
released their latest title,
Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics Vol 3

Jeff Lange takes you on a trip back in time to experience classic
Disneyland attractions. This third volume in the series features the

The World According to Goofy Parade (1992)

Experience this highly coveted parade celebrating Goofy’s 60th
and the history of civilization… with a Goofy twist. The
World According to Goofy Parade ran only five months in 1992 and many
Disney parade fans consider it to be one of the best daytime parades in
the history of Disneyland.

Country Bear Vacation Hoedown (1994)

Step on in to Grizzly Hall and get ready for this vacation edition of
The Country Bear Jamboree. Reunite with all your favorite bears
including: Henry, Liver-Lips McGrowl, The Sun Bonnet Trio, Teddi Barra,
The Five Bear Rugs, Gomer, Trixie and everyones favorite Big Al.
Includes great close up footage of the bears and full coverage of the
exterior, que and exit areas.

The Disney Gallery Tour (1994)

Enjoy a tour of the location originally intended as a private suite for
Walt Disney
. The featured exhibit is "The Art of Disneyland
" including concept art and scale models of various attractions from the
history of Disneyland.

The Disney Gallery Bonus Footage (1992)

"The Disneyland That Never Was" exhibit including
Dumbo’s Circus
and Discovery Bay.

The Haunted Mansion (1992-1995)

Experience the original Haunted Mansion (before changes and additions)
as all 999 ghosts thrill and chill you to the bone. This complete
ride thru was compiled from multiple recordings to capture every nuance
of this true Disneyland classic. Includes full coverage of the Exterior,
Pet Cemetery, Foyer, Stretching Room, Portrait Gallery, Doom Buggie Ride
and Little Leota’s exit spiel.

Original Pet Cemetery (1992)

Bonus video footage and photos of the rarely seen original pet cemetery
only visible to those entering the foyer through a special side entrance.

Relive these Disneyland Classics year after year or experience the magic
for the first time by purchasing a copy of ‘
Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics Vol 3

Running Time: 64 Min

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