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Buy It Now – Jeff Lange Remembers: Epcot’s World of Motion 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition 2-Disc Set – Free Shipping Qualifier

Jeff Lange takes you on a trip back in time to celebrate Epcot’s 25th Anniversary. This fourth in a series, features the Future World classic attraction World of Motion, Presented by General Motors.

Disc One:

World of Motion Presented by GM (1993)

This incredible video was recorded with an audio mixer and twomicrophones to capture the sounds in front of you and the narration from the speaker behind your head. Features full coverage of the exterior, queue & load area plus all your favorite ride scenes.

The Bird and Robot Show (1991)

Meet ’Bird’, and an assembly line robot,’Tiger’ for a lively comedy show that explains the workings of the GM assembly line.

General Motors Corporate Lounge (1994)

Step into the GM corporate lounge for a complete tour. Enjoy the view out the large windows overlooking the park.

World of Motion Presented by GM (1994)

Another whimsical look at the history and achievements in transportation. This was my final recording of this attraction.

Photo Slideshow (1982-1995)

A photo montage of over sixty vintage images spanning over a decade of memories. The slideshow features the attraction itself and the Genaral Motors TransCenter displays.

Bonus Ride Thru (1993)

A bonus ride on the Future World classic.

Disc Two:

World of Motion Presented by GM (1991)

This is the earliest ride footage available, Includes a brief look in the GM TransCenter.

World of Motion Presented by GM (1992)

A final ride thru at night.

Archival Props Slideshow (1992-2006)

These historical images trace the World of Motion figures & props to their current locations.

GM Test Track Photo Slideshow (1996-1999)

Features images of Test Track Construction, temporary preview displays and the opening sneak peek.

GM Test Track (2006)

Features full coverage of the exterior, que & load area, all your favorite ride scenes plus the Inside Track Discovery Center.

Celebrate Epcot’s 25th Anniversary year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing “Jeff Lange Remembers: Epcot’s World of Motion”.

Total Running Time: 128 Min

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