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Thanks and Happy New Year! New from JeffLangeDVD in 2007.

Thanks and Happy New Year to Everyone!

Thanks to everyone for all the support over the last year. It has
been wonderful seeing new (and old) friends and meeting so many nice
people this past year.

Thanks to my old friends Jim Hill
and Nancy Stadler for all they have done for me over the years and for the
many adventures in New York City. Thanks also to Angela, Dan, Robert and
Max for putting me up and putting up with me on my trips to Florida. We
had some great times last year! I also want to thank my friends in
California. I can always count on Mat, Roger, Allen and also BL for
never failing to “make it happen”.

Special thanks to my wife Florence for all the love, help and support.
You are without compare!

Looking forward to 2007, the next release will be our 30th title and I
need your help.The last title,
Epcot’s Holiday Traditions
was inspired by a customers suggestion and it
turned out to be one of the best releases to date. I am hoping that your
suggestions will help me decide what the next project will be. There are
many titles I will be releasing in 2007 but I want our 30th to be
special. I have narrowed my ideas down to the following:

The first in a new series of ‘Classic Epcot’ titles (each featuring the
original pavilions: World of Motion, Horizons, Journey Into Your
Imagination etc).

Disneyland’s Lost Attractions Vol 1 (featuring The Submarine Voyage,
Skyway, People Mover, Castle Walk thru, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,
Motor Boat Cruise etc)

Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary.

Disneyland’s 45th Anniversary.

Please send any thoughts or suggestions to
. I really appreciate any and all comments.

I wish everyone a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!