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Back from Walt Disney World – New Holiday DVDs soon.

I have returned from Walt Disney World and Mousefest last week and had a
wonderful time. I was successful in all my recording plans.

I recorded The Candlelight Processional, with Steven Curtis Chapman,
from the best location I have ever had. It came out fantastic and I am
in the process of editing it now for a release very soon.

I am also working on a very exciting title thanks to a suggestion from a
customer (Marcy) who will receive a free copy when it is released. She

Have you considered making a DVD of the Santas at Epcot telling about
the Christmas celebrations of the various countries? I just visited and
that’s the one thing I missed – I only caught a couple of the santas.

It might be a short dvd, but I know I’d love to hear the various
Christmas stories….perhaps other Disney fans might like it as well.

It’s a nice way for me and my family to relive some of our trips since
we don’t have a video camera. I have the Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween
Party and am highly likely to purchase this years Christmas DVD,

thought the Santas would be a nice addition to the collection of Disney


I thought it was a wonderful idea and spent the next 3 days recording
all the Holiday storytellers at Epcot. It will not be a short DVD thats
for sure as I ended up with almost 3 hrs of footage and I actually
discovered much about Holiday customs from around the world that I did
not know. It was a unexpected pleasure that I can’t wait to finish. Look
for a release early next week.

If anyone has any suggestions for future titles or anything else, I have
created an address to send them at
. If I use your idea you will receive a free
DVD. I also have created another address for comments at

Thanks to everyone I met at MouseFest last week. It was great meeting
and chatting with all of you. I will be posting more on Mousefest soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!