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Production Begins on Next title Due Mid September

Today production began on my next DVD due for release mid September. I
have been going thru and labeling over 80 hours of vintage Walt Disney
World video footage I was given from my father, Walter Lange. I am very
excited about the treasures I have found so far. I now have the
Hollywood’s Pretty Woman show from MGM studios I needed to complete my
20th Anniversary Vol 2 DVD. Other finds include a fantastic recording of
‘Here Come the Muppets’, Sorcery in the Sky, The Mickey’s Starland show
with the Gummy Bears (The last one I needed to complete the series),
Spaceship Earth with Walter Cronkite narration, The World of Motion plus
the complete Bird and Robot show, The Disney Village, Pleasure Island,
Adventurers Club shows, Tours of all the resorts and Fort Wilderness,
JYI plus an extended tour of the Image works, Horizons, Wedway
Peoplemover, the full 80 min loop of the WDW resort info channel shown
in the resorts, The Original WDW Main Street Electrical Parade and much
much more. I still have another 40 hrs of footage to view and label.
This has really brought back many wonderful memories and reminded me of
why I enjoy this so much!

New DVD Update

Today was spent finalizing the edit and running order of Jeff lange
Remembers Walt Disney World’s 20th Anniversary. The DVD starts with an
overview of The Magic Kingdom during the 20th anniversary Surprise
celebration. Scenes include the outside entrance to the park, Main
Street USA, The 20th Anniversary decorations, Cinderella’s Castle,
Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Frontierland. Next is the Surprise
Celebration parade. This parade stars Roger Rabbit and features giant
inflatables of the characters with a Mardi Gras theme similar to
Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary parade. I have edited together 2 complete
recordings of the parade to capture every detail. Next is the Mickey’s
Starland show. The show features the Disney Afternoon characters from
the popular shows, Darkwing Duck, Talespin, Ducktales and Chip and Dale
Rescue Rangers. Roger Rabbit interrupts the show with a special 20th
Anniversary Surprise. The DVD continues with Spectromagic as it was
during it’s opening week. All the original floats are showcased as well
as Roger Rabbit on the symphony float. This was a very energized
performance from the cast for this new nighttime extravaganza. The DVD
concludes with a photo slideshow featuring nearly 100 images from the
celebration at The magic Kingdom. I am very pleased how this came out. I
plan to release separate disc’s featuring the 20th Anniversary at
Disney’s MGM Studios and Epcot Center.



Magical Mountain


The Blue Parrot

Fab Rocks

New DVD Update

Today was spent scanning 20th Anniversary images from my photo archives.
I am choosing and color correcting the photos that will be included on
the Discs. Below is a shot from the Surprise Parade.


Production Update

Today work continued on the WDW 20th DVDs. I sorted thru hours of
vintage footage to place on the editing drive. Added footage includes,
The Dinosaurs Live parade, The original version of Sorcery in the Sky
featuring Vincent Price, The Mike Fink Keel Boats (I forgot how much fun
these were), Magic Kingdom 20th Anniversary decorations and the
Disneymania castle show featuring the 20th Surprise additions.

New DVD Production Update

Today I started production on the next title from JeffLangeDVD, "Jeff
Lange Remembers Walt Disney World’s 20th Anniversary". I have begin
putting vintage footage on the editing hard drive. The footage includes
the Surprise Celebration Parade, Surprise in the Skies at Epcot, The
original Spectromagic parade featuring Roger Rabbit, Mickey’s Starland
live Stage show and more.

Horseshoe Hillbilly Classics

Today I worked on editing Jeff Lange Remembers Horseshoe Hillbilly
Classics. I finished the first edit and chose the Title page art and
Menu screen art.