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Jeff Lange's Trick Or Treat 3-Disc Set Released Today

Jeff Lange’s Trick Or Treat 3-Disc Set

10 October 2006

Jeff Lange’s Trick Or Treat 3-Disc Set Released Today.

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Windsor, Conn. (October 10, 2006) -Today, Due to popular demand,
JeffLangeDVD have released Jeff Lange’s ‘Trick or Treat’ 3-Disc
Collectors Set.

Join your ghost host Jeff Lange on a spooky trip to Walt Disney World to
experience Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party over the years. This
3-Disc Collectors Set chronicles the new Halloween fun each year brings.

Disc 1 (2003-2004) You’ve got a front row seat for not just one,
but TWO presentations of the ’Boo-To-You Halloween Parade,’ which
features appearances by the Headless Horseman, dozens of your favorite
Disney characters as well as the grave diggers precision drill team.
Jeff also documents all of the Halloween decorations at the Magic
Kingdom. Top the whole thing off with a recording of the very last
presentation of the Halloween-themed ’Fantasy in the Sky’ fireworks.

Disc 2 (2005) Jeff treats you to the brand new version of
Mickey’s Boo-To-You Halloween Parade featuring TWO sightings of the
Headless Horseman. Next up is a prime viewing spot for Happy
HalloWishes, The all new Fireworks Spectacular seen ONLY at Mickey’s Not
So Scary Halloween Party. Then it’s off to Cinderella’s Castle for
Disney Villains Mix and Mingle on stage. Jeff once again documents all
the Halloween decorations at the Magic Kingdom. The DVD concludes with a
Special Bonus, The Halloween Hayride at Fort Wilderness Campground. You
journey back in time thru the woods of Sleepy Hollow. Please be on time.
Remember, the Headless Horseman waits for no one!

Disc 3 (2006) Your Not So Scary night begins as you enter the
Magic Kingdom and encounter Halloween decorations, fog and haunted mood
music. Your first fright is Stitch’s Cosmic Dance Party. Donald, Stitch
and Pluto, dresed in their Halloween costumes, are the hit of the party.
Your next ghostly encounter is from the Grand Marshal of the Mickey’s
Boo-to-You Halloween Parade. The Headless Horseman emerges from the
night sky to start the haunted procession. This all new edition of the
fall classic features Mickey and The Gang, The Hitchhiking Ghosts, The
Pirates of the Caribbean featuring a special appearance from Captain
Jack Sparrow and the all new Goofy’s Candy Company train. Your next
ghostly delight is the Happy HalloWishes fireworks spectacular. This
special Halloween version of the Wishes fireworks surround you in a
haunted 360 degree visual sensation. Your next ghoolish encounter is the
Villain’s Mix & Mingle castle forcourt show featuring Malificent and all
your favorite villains. As the moon goes full and the clock strikes
Twelve your Midnight ride of the Haunted Mansion approaches. We all have
experienced the Haunted Mansion but never before like this. All 999
ghosts thrill and chill you to the bone. Seeing the Mansion like this
will make you want to experience it again and again. To conclude your
evening we have included scenes from around the park to give you the
feeling of attending this special Halloween night.

Hop in your Doom Buggy today and let Jeff Lange be your ultimate Ghost
Host with the Trick or Treat 3 Disc Set.

Running Time: 180 Min

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jeff@jefflangedvd.com or visit

Jeff Lange Remembers Walt Disney World's 20th Anniversary on sale today!

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World’s 20th Anniversary, click
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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers: Disneyland's 40th Birthday

disneyland_s_40th_birthday_dvd_cover_copy_smallJeff Lange takes you back to July 17th, 1995 for Disneyland’s 40th Birthday. This historic DVD features the Time Castle presentation, The World Famous Jungle Cruise, The Original Space Mountain and a special birthday presentation of the Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks.

You start out your July 17th morning taking in all the special birthday decorations and giant inflatables along Main Street USA. Next you watch Disney celebrities arrive for the Time Castle Ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The celebration begins with the Disney characters & dancers performing the 40 years of Adventures theme. Mickey Mouse & Roy E. Disney enter thru the castle followed by words from Mr. Disney. After Disney Legends John Hench, Marty Sklar and Dick Nunis make their contributions to the Time Castle, Michael Eisner gives a short speech and assists Mickey Mouse in sealing the Time Castle.

Next you experience an opening day original attraction, The World Famous Jungle Cruise recently updated for the 40th birthday celebration. After you survive the treacherous docking maneuver you blast off for The Original Space Mountain.

As your day comes to a close we celebrate Disneyland’s 40th birthday with a special enhanced presentation of Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks. A bonus photo slide show adds the finishing touch to your magical day at Disneyland.

Pick up a copy of Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland’s 40 Birthday today and relive all the magic or experience it for the first time.

Running Time: 63 min

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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers – Star Wars Weekends 2006 3-Disc Collectors Edition

star_wars_dvd_cover_copyJeff Lange brings the force home to you in this must-have 3-Disc Collectors Edition featuring Star Wars Weekends 2006 at Walt Disney World.

Disc 1:

Begins as Stormtroopers take over the gates of the Disney-MGM Studios. You make your way down Hollywood Boulevard to see Legends of the Force: A Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade.

Next is a visit to Wicket’s Warehouse featuring a life size replica of the X-wing fighter. After looking over all the special Star Wars Weekends merchandise, you enter the ABC TV Theater for the Stars of the Saga celebrity interviews featuring Warwick Davis (Wicket the Ewok), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) & Rick McMallum (Producer of prequel films).

You finish weekend 1 in the Imperial Sector encountering characters from the entire Star Wars Saga.

Disc 2:

You make your way past the Stormtroopers to view this weekends Legends of the Force Motorcade and Celebrity Welcome at the Star Tours stage.

Next you take a front row seat for the Stars of the Saga celebrity interviews featuring Warwick Davis, Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker) and Matthew Wood (Voice of General Grievous).

Weekend 2 comes to a close as you join your favorite Star Wars characters in the fun and hilarious Hyperspace Hoopla.

Disc 3:

The Stormtroopers guarding the gates are once again no match for you. After slipping past them, you take your place for an extended Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade featuring The 501st Florida Garrison.

Next you pay a visit to the Jedi Training Academy and observe the Jedi hopefuls facing off against Darth Vader.

Weekend 3 comes to a close with extended Stars of the Saga celebrity interviews featuring Warwick Davis, Jay LaGa’aia (Captain Typho) & Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti) plus the Stormtroopers pre show antics.

Keep the force strong in you by picking up a copy of Jeff Lange Remembers: Star Wars Weekends 2006 today.

Running Time: 200 minutes

This item qualifies for free shipping on your entire order.

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$39.99 (Free Shipping)

Buy It Now – Jeff Lange Remembers: Original Fantasmic!

Jeff Lange takes you to Disneyland and Walt Disney World as good clashes with evil in the original Productions of the Nighttime Spectacular, Fantasmic!

We begin at Disneyland in July, 1994 from high atop the Disney Gallery for an unobstructed viewing of Fantasmic. This is the perfect place to take in all the action as the Rivers of America come to life. All your favorite show elements are represented, from the bustling Pirate ship with tick-tock in tow, to the no longer featured Ursula barge, It’s all here!

Next we travel to the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World in October, 1998 for a passholder preview of the all new sister production of Fantasmic! We are welcomed by the VP’s of Walt Disney World and Disney MGM Studios, with a brief background of what went into putting the show together.

Finally we hear the words we have been waiting for “Welcome to Fantasmic” – A journey beyond your wildest imagination. All three preview nights were recorded and the best elements from each are seamlessly edited together to create the ultimate version of the original production.

This is a DVD that any Disneyana fan will want to add to thier collection. Pick up a copy of ‘Jeff Lange Remembers Original Fantasmic!’ today and relive the magic forever.

Running Time: 58 min

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Buy it Now – Jeff Lange Remembers: Fantasyland Classics


Join Jeff Lange on a trip back to Walt Disney World circa 1991 When it was still possible to take a wild ride with Mr. Toad, join Captain Nemo on a voyage aboard the Nautilus, be startled by the Wicked Witch or soar high above the Magic Kingdom aboard the Skyway.

You start your journey with a photo tour of Fantasyland featuring the Skyway and Mr. Toad interiors. Then it’s off for a wild ride on both tracks of the classic Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride attraction.

After you recover from your ride, we join Captain Nemo for a voyage that will take us 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. You experience the anticipation before boarding the Nautilus with full coverage of the exteriors and queue before enjoying a complete ride thru. Upon surfacing you view a photo tour of the attraction featuring never before seen images of the final resting place of the subs.

Next, we’re off to experience the original Snow White’s Scary Adventure. Remember to beware of the Wicked Witch. Then we board Pirate galleons on the classic Peter Pan’s Flight. Following our flight we take a photo tour of the attractions before setting sail on the Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed… it’s a small world.

Jeff Lange Remembers Fantasyland Classics” is a must own DVD for anyone who has never experienced these classic attractions or wants to relive a magical part of Walt Disney World history.

Running Time: 63 min

Also Available: Jeff Lange Remembers: Fantasyland Classics – Special Collectors Editions

Buy 2 or more titles from my store and recieve free shipping with no handling charges.

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